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An ordinary computer user can go through an entire day without having to worry about the various types of file extensions that carry out the day to day functions of various programs and operating systems. But there are times when the average user may be confronted with a bunch of files that they have not seen before or otherwise do not recognize. A novice computer user may be even more daunted with faced with the task of cleaning up or reorganizing these files. This situation occurs when a user wants to delete or remove items from a hard drive without running the risk of deleting a critical file. Installing a new program can introduce a new set of file extensions that an ordinary user may not recognize or be unfamiliar with.


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Uninstalling an old or unused program can leave many leftover file extensions that the average user may be afraid to remove without knowing what exactly that file is or what it contains. The problem can be compounded when running an anti-virus scanning utility, as it can reveal a vast variety of infected files with otherwise unrecognizable file formats. Performing some basic research on these file extensions can greatly help a user know what type of files they are dealing with and how to best handle those files in a variety of situations.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Ogg

The ogg file format is a high quality open source digital media format that is largely used for multimedia applications such as audio and video playback. The ogg file format is often used as an audio file format, although the file format itself serves as a container for other multimedia applications. Previously, the ogg file format was used for nearly all distributed multimedia content, but currently the .ogg file extension is currently reserved solely for Vorbis encoded audio files. As it stands, there have been other alternative file extensions within the ogg file format framework created to more clearly define the different types of content that would normally be contained within the .ogg file extension. These include .ogv for video and .oga for audio only files.The ogg file format was developed and is currently maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation, a non-profit organization which produces open source multimedia formats.

Like the more common mp3 digital file format, the ogg file format is also used to store audio and video data which is encoded by a coder / decoder (otherwise referred to as a “codec”). Since the ogg file format simply serves as a container for audio and video data, such data can be encoded in various formats, even with more than one codec. For instance, a video file with audio can be encoded with both an audio and video codec. The open source ogg file format was intended to be used with free open source codecs such as FLAC, a common lossless codec used to encode high quality audio data. Others include the lossy codecs Speex and Vorbis, plus video codecs such as Theora and Dirac, developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation for streaming video over the Internet.

There are a few basic advantages that the ogg file has versus the more common mp3 file. Not only is the patent free and open source nature of the ogg file format more flexible for developers and producers to work with versus the patented and more restrictive mp3 format, but the ogg file format often produces vastly superior sound quality in comparison to the mp3 format. Unfortunately, the ubiquitous nature of the mp3 file format insures its supremacy within the consumer electronics industry. Nevertheless, video game developers often use the Ogg Vorbis file format to store in-game audio and popular music software players support the ogg file format, including Winamp, VideoLAN VLC Media Player and the Microsoft Windows Media Player. A number of music software programs on the Macintosh and Linux operating systems support the ogg file format as well.

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